How the Elderly Can Avoid Falling Injuries

According for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 36 million American seniors experience falls on an annual basis. These falls can lead to serious accidents, including broken bones and head injuries. While dangerous conditions can’t always be avoided, taking the following steps can protect you against serious injuries by possibly reducing your risk of falls.

Stay Physically Active

Issues with balance and coordination can sometimes be avoided through exercise. Activities like walking boost flexibility and reduce stiffness, while swimming builds core muscle strength for better posture. Always check with your doctor before beginning an exercise regimen. And keep in mind that even minimal physical activity can benefit older adults.

Update Your Eyeglasses Prescription

Problems with vision also contribute to a person’s falling risk. Visit your eye doctor at least once per year to catch vision issues early. For instance, early treatment of cataracts and glaucoma can prevent vision loss in many older adults. Regular exams also ensure your eyeglasses prescription is fully up to date. Improved vision allows you to identify and avoid potential hazards.

Wear Good Shoes

Sturdy, reliable shoes can also help maintain your balance when walking. A good pair of shoes will offer ankle support and ample cushioning, which ensures your feet will remain in the proper position. They should also fit correctly for optimum stability. If you have issues with arthritis or other foot conditions, consider visiting an orthopedic doctor for special insoles.

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