How to File a Claim After a Motorcycle Accident

Far too many motorists fail to recognize the presence of motorcyclists when sharing the road. This lack of awareness can easily lead to a damaging accident, which can leave riders with a wide range of serious injuries.

If you’re injured due to someone else’s negligence, you’ll need to file an insurance claim to recoup your losses. Here are a few essential things you can do to ensure your claim receives the attention it deserves.

Contact the Insurance Company Right Away

The sooner you contact the insurer, the faster you can receive the funds you need to recover from what occurred. Even if you don’t have all the information, contact the insurer to report the accident as soon as possible. You’ll still have time for information gathering after reaching out to the insurer.

Take Pictures of Any Damage

Documenting damage to your motorcycle can provide lots of clarity for the adjuster, who will determine how much damage occurred and how much it will cost to fix it. If you have photos of your bike prior to it being damaged, be sure to include them. You can also make note of where and how the accident occurred, including any problematic road conditions you encountered.

Visit a Medical Professional

A doctor can evaluate your injuries and determine the best treatment for your health needs. This is crucial when it comes to determining the proper settlement for the injuries you experienced. In the event you’re suffering from serious injuries or have a long-term disability, the settlement process will become even more complex to ensure you receive the proper funds to cover basic expenses.

Work With the Adjuster

Once an adjuster has been assigned to your case, be sure to provide any pictures or information you have. Ask questions and provide honest, accurate answers for any questions the adjuster asks you. If you have concerns, consult with your policy documents for verification.

Finding the right legal support after a motorcycle accident is crucial if the insurance company denies your claim. In Albuquerque, the team at Hinkle Law Offices has experience with a variety of motor vehicle accidents. Along with their extensive knowledge of the law, they also provide essential assistance like accident reconstruction to prove your case.

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