Can I File a Claim for Compensation After a Single Vehicle Accident?

Car accidents can happen for all sorts of reasons. Additionally, some collisions only involve a single vehicle, which can make the insurance process a little more complex.

You must have the proper financial support to recover after a damaging car accident. You must also understand the differences between single-vehicle accidents and those involving multiple motorists when it comes to insurance. This guide explains a few key details to help you make informed decisions.

How Auto Insurance Works

If you’re in an accident with another motorist who behaves negatively, such as by texting while driving, their insurance will pay for property damage and injuries. If you’re responsible for an accident, your insurer will pay for damage to other vehicles. It can also pay for damage to your vehicle when you have the proper coverage.

Collision policies provide funds for the repair of the policy owner’s vehicle, regardless of who’s at fault. There’s also comprehensive coverage, which covers all non-collision damage. This policy is necessary to receive funds if you’re in a single-car accident.

Common Causes of Single-Vehicle Accidents

Single vehicle accidents are often caused by hazardous road conditions. For example, a large pothole can cause a tire blowout that results in you colliding with an object on the road. In this case, you may be able to recover funds if you have a comprehensive policy in place.

Manufacturer defects are another possible cause of these accidents. If your brakes fail to work due to an issue with the production of the vehicle, the manufacturer could potentially be at fault. In this case, you would need to file a product liability suit to recover damages.

Insurance matters are often overwhelming, especially when you’re still recovering from your injuries. That’s why our team of attorneys at Hinkle Law Offices works so hard on behalf of our clients. We have experience with many types of auto accidents. We also have extensive experience with insurance companies, so we can help you navigate the claims process with ease.

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