Tips on How to Accident-Proof Your Home

It’s true that some accidents can’t be avoided, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared. This is especially true in the home, where you can take essential safety steps to prevent mishaps and keep your loved ones safe. Here are a few smart things all homeowners should do.

Safeguard Your Swimming Pool

While a swimming pool is definitely beneficial to home enjoyment, it can also be a hazard. Along with posing a risk to your family members, pools can also attract neighborhood children to your property. As a result, it must be kept fully secure at all times. In addition to a safety pool cover, you should also surround the structure with a fence. Make sure the fence has a locking gate to keep curious neighborhood kids at bay. Some pool owners even go the extra mile and install alarms systems, which will alert you if someone is on your property without permission.

Keep Walkways Open

Items left in hallways and on stairs pose a serious falling risk. That’s why all your home belongings should have their own place, which helps with organization and decluttering. If you currently lack storage in the home, consider investing in bins or boxes to keep your belongings. You can also rent a storage unit to keep cherished items safe while away from your home.

Use the Right Lighting Scheme

Low lighting in the home makes it harder to maneuver around, particularly if you live with elderly family members, who may have a harder time seeing clearly due to vision issues. Layered lighting schemes are usually best, as they offer the greatest illumination. In addition to overhead lights, you should also have fixtures around the perimeter of the room. Task lighting is also important, especially in the kitchen for meal prep. And whenever possible, allow natural light to stream in to enhance illumination and mood.

Practice Fire Safety

Make sure smoke alarms are in the necessary places, meaning the kitchen, every floor of the home, and in every bedroom. You should also have fire extinguishers accessible, as they can prevent a small fire from becoming a lot worse. Additionally, develop a fire evacuation system with your family that involves identifying all possible exits and designating a meeting place nearby where your family can go for safety should a fire break out.

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