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Albuquerque, Most Car Accidents Aren’t Fatal but Do Cause Injuries

Car accidents do more than just damage the vehicles. Injuries are another common result, and these can have lifelong impact. Even if it isn’t a fatal car accident, you can still be in pain for the rest of your life. Hinkle Law Offices, LLC. knows how unfair it is that you’re forced to endure suffering you didn’t cause. It’s even more unfair if you can’t get reparation for the injuries you’re spending time and money on recovering from.

Most Common Non-Fatal Car Accident Injuries

If a car accident isn’t fatal, it almost always involves injuries of some sort. The most commonly seen injuries usually involve:

  • Back sprain
  • Whiplash
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Broken bones
  • Blunt force trauma
  • Compressive injuries

These injuries require medical attention to heal properly, and time in which to heal. This can put someone out of work for days, weeks or even months. When you’re trying to pay off medical bills, deal with the pain of injury and keep your life together, the last thing you’re able to do is the work of a car accident lawyers. Even if you’re trying to get compensation, you have enough to handle already.

Representation to Help You

You’ve already dealt with a car accident and the injuries that accompany it. Whether you’ve had to see a surgeon about a broken ankle or you’re in physical therapy for damage to your rotator cuff, you deserve to have those injuries covered by someone else’s wallet. Hinkle Law Offices, LLC. doesn’t believe you should pay for someone else’s mistakes any more than you’ve already been forced to.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, contact us today and we’ll provide the lawyers you need for legal assistance in getting your compensation.

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