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Distracted Driving Motorcycle Accidents

While riding a motorcycle requires just as much attention to the road as driving a car, a biker can still be distracted. Insects, inclement weather, road conditions and more can be incredibly distracting to a biker. And the result can be an accident that causes injury and damage to both parties. Hinkle Law Offices, LLC. can help you get the compensation you deserve if you’ve been involved in an accident with a distracted rider.

Distraction is Dangerous

It’s commonly known that distracted drivers cause accidents. Text messaging, answering cell phones and other in-vehicle distractions take a driver’s attention away from the road. But motorcycle riders are just as prone to being distracted on the road as people in cars.

A swarm of insects, rain, watching the landscape and even adjusting a radio or sound system can cause a motorcycle rider to take their attention away from the road. When that happens, accidents are the result. It’s the responsibility of everyone on the road to be cautious, safe drivers and bikers, but accidents do happen, and distraction can cost you.

Because Hinkle Rides, Hinkle Knows

A distracted motorcycle rider is just as liable for the accident caused as a distracted car driver would be. As a rider himself, Hinkle understands the responsibility motorcyclists have to be responsible riders. So if you’ve been involved in an accident with a distracted rider, you deserve compensation for your time, trouble and costs.

Hinkle Law Offices, LLC. can help you. We’ll fight for your legal rights and help you avoid paying an unnecessary price for someone else’s mistake. Contact us today to get started on a case evaluation.

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