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Is a Construction Company Liable?

Cities are often under construction as roads are repaired and buildings are improved upon. This means work zones intrude on busy streets, and work zones are one of the most common places that car accidents happen. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident in a work zone, Hinkle Law Offices, LLC., can help you get the damages you deserve from those responsible.

When Is a Construction Company Liable?

Work zones have to be adequately labeled and it’s the responsibility of the construction company handling the work to do that. They also have to clearly label lane changes, cordon off areas that are unsafe for drivers or pedestrians and oversee the usage of equipment to ensure it doesn’t block off areas drivers have access to.

If a construction company hasn’t followed safety procedures properly, you or a loved one could be suffering the result of their negligence. Without adequate posting about lane closures or hazardous road conditions, you can’t know that you’re approaching a newly erected wall or a piece of heavy equipment that’s been put in a closed lane. So why should you pay for someone else’s mistake?

We’ll Help You Get What You Deserve

The attorneys at Hinkle Law Offices, LLC. have dedicated their practice to handling personal injury and wrongful death cases. This means we know the law and how it applies to accidents, including those that occur in work zones. If a construction company was negligent in providing adequate warning about lane closures or hazards, you shouldn’t be the one to carry the financial burden of an accident.

We’ll help you get the damages you deserve to cover medical costs, loss of income, pain and suffering and more. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation and we’ll fight for your rights.

You don’t have to pay for someone else’s mistake. Call (505) TUF-HELP today and get representation!

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