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Construction Site Injury

It’s no secret that construction sites can be hazardous places. That’s why both workers and supervisors must take the proper steps to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring.

Accident prevention entails training staff members, providing personal protective equipment, and enforcing safety rules at all times. However, even these practices can’t prevent all injuries, and you may need legal assistance if you’re injured and unable to secure funds from your employer’s insurance company. Fortunately, our team at Hinkle Law Offices, LLC can provide information on your rights as an injured worker.

Which Construction Injuries Are Most Common?

While every worksite is different, certain mishaps are more likely to occur than others. This includes the following four categories of injuries:

  • Falls – Depending on the elevation, falls can easily be deadly on construction sites. Falls can also lead to permanent disability should a head or neck injury occur.
  • Electrocution – The risk of electrocution is high when working around electricity, especially when staff lack the proper equipment and training.
  • Accidents Involving Machinery – Heavy-duty machinery is associated with numerous hazards, including broken bones, lacerations, and worse.
  • “Struck By” Accidents – Struck by accidents can involve vehicles and heavy-machinery and may have serious consequences, including severe injuries, disability, or even loss of life.

Construction sites also carry a risk of less serious accidents, including slips and falls, bruises, and minor head trauma. While these injuries are not as severe, they can still prevent you from earning a living until you’re fully healed.

What Can Be Done About Worksite Injuries?

In New Mexico, most employers must carry workers’ compensation insurance. In the event an employee is injured on the job, this insurance coverage provides funds for lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses. Along with ensuring workers have the essential resources when injured, workers’ comp policies also protect businesses from litigation.

However, the settlement offered by your employer’s insurance company might not be sufficient to cover costs related to your injuries. The insurer may also deny your claim, which can leave you without an income. In this case, you may need legal assistance to determine the exact cause of the denial, as well as the appropriate settlement amount.

Our Attorneys Will Pursue Justice for You

Here at Hinkle Law Offices, LLC, we understand that your ability to work is crucial to taking care of yourself and your family. That’s why we’re so passionate about defending the rights of our clients when it comes to costly injuries. With our help, you can focus on your recovery while we work out the legal details.

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