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Trucking Company Liability for Semi Accidents in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Most truck drivers carefully follow all regulations for vehicle maintenance and operational safety. However, the ability to prevent a semi-truck accident may be out of the driver’s hands. Trucking companies may actually be liable for accidents and the damage and injuries they cause. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Hinkle Law Offices, LLC.,can help you fight for just compensation.

When Trucking Companies are at Fault

Trucking companies are regulated at the state and federal levels to ensure vehicles and drivers are safe on shared roadways. A trucking company may be held liable for an accident if it fails to comply with regulations, as in the case of putting an improperly maintained semi on the road.

However, a trucking company may share vicarious liability for actions of their drivers, too. Vicarious liability may apply if:

  • The company did not provide training after knowingly hiring a driver who was untrained, under-trained and/or did not have the proper credentials to operate a semi
  • The driver falsified logs to stay on the road longer than legally allowable and the company had previously been made aware of the issue or should have discovered it during a routine audit

Trucking companies will work hard to disprove vicarious liability. You will need TUF legal help to fight for the compensation you deserve.

You vs. the Trucking Company

Trucking companies have powerful legal teams working on their side, and their insurance providers are known to offer quick settlements that undervalue your expenses and losses.

If your fight for justice after a semi-truck accident pits you against the trucking company, you need a skilled attorneys on your side. The attorneys at  Hinkle Law Office, P.C. have years of experience dedicated to personal injury practice. They know how to investigate your accident to determine liability. Our attorneys know what evidence can prove a trucking company is at fault, and they know how to negotiate with insurance companies to get you fair compensation.

When you need TUF legal help, contact Hinkle Law Offices, LLC.,in Albuquerque, NM for a free initial consultation.

Do not go against a trucking company alone. Call (505) TUF-HELP for TUF help from an experienced truck accident attorneys.

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