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Construction Injury Lawyer

Construction injuries can have major consequences, including permanent disability. That’s why workers are usually entitled to compensation, which provides funds to cover costs related to their injuries and loss of earnings.

However, not all construction injury cases are easy to navigate, especially when it comes to long-term health effects. That’s precisely where are our skilled attorneys at Hinkle Law Offices, LLC come in. We can help you navigate complex injury cases and insurance denials to make certain you’re treated appropriately after a construction accident.

Workers’ Compensation Laws in New Mexico

In New Mexico, any business with three or more workers is legally obligated to carry workers’ compensation coverage. In the event of a work injury, qualified employees are entitled to indemnity benefits, which replaces the funds you’ve lost while unable to work. You will also receive compensation to cover medical costs related to the injury. Qualified workers include:

  • Full and Part-Time Employees
  • Temporary Workers
  • Seasonal Staff

Excluded workers include independent contractors, federal workers, and those employed at the executive level. The supervisor at your construction site should be able to provide information on workers’ compensation coverage and benefits.

What to Do If You’re Injured at Work

If injured on a construction site, you have 15 days to notify your employer according to New Mexico law. You can use a Notice of Accident, which should be available at your worksite, or you can submit notice to the employer in writing. You’re free to seek immediate emergency care when necessary, but otherwise your employer has a say in which doctor you see to diagnose and treat work injuries.

In the event your claim is denied by the insurance company, you can take steps to appeal the denial. In addition to submitting a complaint form to the court clerk, you must also send a copy of the complaint to the insurer who denied your claim. It’s also recommended that you secure professional legal assistance to help with your case, as an attorney can help you establish the severity of your injuries and the need for financial support as a result.

How to Proceed If Your Claim Is Denied

It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to deny the claims of injured workers, even when they have merit. The insurer may also offer insufficient compensation to cover all costs related to the injury. In this case, Hinkle Law Offices, LLC can assist you in filing an appeal and ensuring your case receives the respect it deserves. Our injury attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to preserve the rights of our clients.

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