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Never Ride a Motorcycle Without This Essential Gear

Riding a motorcycle is a fun and freeing experience, but it also comes with plenty of risks. That’s why riders must protect themselves with essential gear, which  

What Rights Do Motorcycle Passengers Have If Injured?

If you are a passenger on a motorcycle that’s involved in an accident, you will likely experience injuries along with the driver. If your injuries are serious,  

Road Hazards Motorcyclists Should Look Out For

Controlling a motorcycle is much harder than controlling a passenger vehicle. Motorcycles also lack the protection of vehicles, which makes even minor accidents a lot riskier. That’s  

The Appropriate Steps to Take If You’ve Experienced a Motorcycle Accident in 2020

Being in a motorcycle accident is stressful, even when damage is minor. This stress is compounded by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which makes taking the proper steps after an  

What to Do After A Motorcycle Accident

No one ever plans on being involved in a motorcycle accident, especially if you’re safe rider. That’s why it can be difficult to do the right thing after an  

You Witness a Motorcycle Accident. Now What Do You Do?

Most days are uneventful travel-wise, but there may come a day when you witness an accident. Rather than just be a lookey-loo who is more likely to hinder the  

5 Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

At Hinkle Law Offices, we say, “Hinkle Rides. Hinkle Knows,” and it’s true. Our motorcycle accident attorney is an active motorcyclist,  

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