3 Common Personal Injury Claims That Occur During Spring

Spring is the season for rebirth and renewal, but it also comes with a few risks. Accordingly, you must remain alert and aware of possible hazards, including those that pertain to personal injury.

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From a legal perspective, personal injury is damage that occurs because of another person’s negligence. It can incur exorbitant medical bills, lost wages, and mental anguish. It’s possible to recoup your losses when a person behaves negligently, provided you understand the nature of different claims and how to take legal action. To this end, here are a few claims most likely to occur during the spring season.

Motorcycle Crashes

As the weather warms up, motorcyclists typically go out on the road in greater numbers. As a result, their risk of an accident increases, especially when driving around careless motorists. Fortunately, bikers can protect themselves by wearing the right gear, including helmets, jackets, and dependable boots. Following traffic laws is also important, as it can help you avoid accidents in some cases.

Bicycle Accidents

Much like motorcycles, bicycles tend to be more plentiful on the road during the spring and summer. And like all other vehicles, cyclists must adhere to traffic laws and regulations. However, drivers must also exercise caution around cyclists to avoid injury. Many motorists fail to recognize the presence of bicycles on the road, which can lead to serious crashes and injuries.

Dog Bites

As the weather clears up, you’re bound to encounter more dogs out and about where you live. Dogs make great pets, provided their owners are responsible. When they’re not, there’s a risk that a dog may break loose and attack another animal or even a person. Dog bites can cause serious health issues, including major infections. As a result, dog owners must ensure their pets are properly trained and restrained when taking them out in public.

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