A Guide to Avoiding Winter Car Accidents

Winter driving can be hazardous due to poor conditions. Snow, ice, and rain make roads extremely slick, which increases your chance of experiencing a crash. While you cannot always avoid every accident, taking the following precautions will greatly reduce your crash risk.

Adjust Your Speed According to the Weather Conditions

Keep in mind that speed limits are intended for ideal road conditions. When the weather is bad, you can lower your speed to ensure enhanced safety when driving. For example, driving slower on slick pavement allows ample time to stop should you encounter an unexpected road hazard. It also provides more time to correct your vehicle should you skid on ice or snow.

Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Road Ready

The last thing you want during winter is to experience an inconvenient breakdown. That’s why vehicle maintenance is more important than ever this time of the year. Have your oil changed, brakes checked, and top off fluids as needed. You should also check the tire pressure on your vehicle regularly, as changes in temperatures can also cause your PSI to fluctuate.

Don’t Drive with Distractions

Distracted driving is never a good idea, but it’s particularly hazardous during the winter. Never text and drive, don’t eat behind the wheel, and try to keep conversations with your passengers to a minimum. Don’t adjust the radio or GPS until you’re safely stopped. Also, remain alert and aware while driving to improve your response time.

Check the Weather Frequently

Checking the weather is particularly important when traveling long distances. Try to plan excursions when the weather is good to ensure optimum safety. If you notice an unexpected storm is projected during a road trip, see if you can’t postpone it. Also, be sure to take plenty of breaks while driving.

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