Coronavirus Scams to Watch Out For

It seems unconscionable to target a vulnerable person right now, when so many people are struggling amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, this is a very real occurrence for many people with good intentions who fall into a trap set by fraudsters.

The best defense against scam artists is to be prepared. Here are some of the common coronavirus scams being reported so you can take the proper steps to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Preventative Medications and Cures

Because so much is still misunderstood above COVID-19, there aren’t any cures, vaccines, or preventative measures currently available. That hasn’t stopped scam artists from offering these miracle “medications”, both online and in stores. Along with wasting your money and giving you a false sense of safety, some medication scams are even more insidious.

If you receive an offer online and follow the link, you could fall victim to a malware attack, which means any sensitive information kept on your computer could be at risk. If you receive any email offers unsolicited, delete them immediately.  Don’t follow links, and never download any attachments when you receive them. Keeping track

Fake COVID-19 Maps

One way that people remain informed regarding the pandemic are online maps, which show where the infection is highest, the number of confirmed cases, the number of deaths, and other pieces of information. Reputable medical and new organizations have developed these maps to help the general public stay informed, but fraudsters have unfortunately created similar maps with less altruistic purposes.

Much like unsolicited email offers, fake maps often unleash malware onto unsuspecting people. That means important information, like your passwords, bank account info, and credit card numbers, could be up for grabs. When looking for up-to-the-minute coronavirus information, be sure you’re going to reputable websites from trusted institutions. Once you find trustworthy sites, bookmark them so you can easily return when in need of an update.

Investment Opportunities

Investing right now is riskier than ever due to the volatility of the stock market. As a result, people are pooling their money and looking for “sure things”, which are extremely rare in the world of investing. Fraudsters are appealing to these desires by touting safe, guaranteed investments.

Some scam artists are taking the grift one step further by impersonating the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which is an agency that insures money kept at banks. The FDIC is well-aware of these scams and warning investors to never open unsolicited mail or email supposedly coming from the agency. Additionally, the FDIC will never ask for personal information like credit card numbers. If you do receive such correspondence, do not reply.

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