How To Detect the Signs of Elderly Abuse

Sadly, elderly people are often a target for nefarious individuals. And in some cases, senior citizens lack the ability to detect wrongdoing on their own, which is why their loved ones must be vigilant. By watching for the following signs of elderly abuse, you can take swift action to protect your family against physical, emotional, or financial mistreatment.

Frequent, Unexplained Injuries

Injuries are sometimes unavoidable, especially if a senior has mobility issues or problems with their vision. However, frequent bruises, lacerations, and broken bones require closer inspection. These issues often signal that seniors are experiencing physical abuse, which can lead to a devastating outcome without proper intervention. Along with securing medical care to address the effects of injuries, you should also have a frank discussion with your loved one to determine the cause of the damage.

Onset of Depression and Anxiety

All types of elderly abuse, be they physical, mental, or emotional, can cause significant changes to mood and demeanor. Your loved one may appear quiet and sullen when they weren’t before. They may also experience anxiety, particularly in specific situations or around certain people. Mental health issues must be addressed in a timely manner regardless of the underlying cause, so be proactive when addressing emotional and behavioral issues.

Sudden Financial Problems

Elderly abuse can also be financial in nature. In this case, a person may suddenly be unable to pay their bills, or they may find less money in their bank accounts than they previously thought. Along with intervening to prevent another party from using essential funds, you may also consider taking control of your family member’s finances until you can get the issue figured out.

A Dirty, Unkempt Appearance

Elderly abuse doesn’t always involve physical violence or financial exploitation. In some cases, it can entail neglecting a senior that requires daily care from others. With neglect, an older adult may exhibit an unkempt appearance. They may wear soiled clothing or experience issues with hygiene and personal care. Neglect can cause many serious effects, including injuries and illness. As a result, you must address issues involving a neglectful caregiver as soon as possible.

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