How an Auto Accident Attorney Can Help You Reclaim Control After a Crash

A major car accident can affect your life in numerous ways. Along with physical injuries, you’ll also experience the stress of mounting medical bills, lost wages, and insurance company disputes. Because the time after a car accident is often challenging, you must secure the assistance of a reliable attorney for help with the following.

Acquiring Evidence

When negligence is a factor in a car crash, it’s necessary to present evidence to establish which party was accountable for any damage that resulted. A lawyer can help obtain essential evidence, such as photographs of damage to either vehicle. An attorney can also help secure the police report, which will contain an unbiased report of what occurred.

Finding Witnesses

Along with evidence, eyewitnesses are also quite valuable during car accident cases. For instance, a bystander may be able to shed some light on who was at fault by providing testimony. Attorneys can also present expert witnesses to provide information on the medical effects of an accident.

Determining Damages

During car accident cases, injured parties seek damages to recover financially from what occurred. These damages pay for medical expenses, but they also replace lost wages. In serious accidents where negligence plays a role, injured individuals may even seek damages for pain and suffering. Determining the appropriate number of damages can be challenging, but a skilled lawyer will use their professional experience and expertise when assisting a client.

Offering Peace of Mind

In Albuquerque, our team at Hinkle Law Offices has a reputation for being fierce advocates for accident victims. Our seasoned car accident attorneys can help you pick up the pieces after a damaging crash, and we also provide moral support during your time of need. Schedule a no-obligation consultation today by calling (505) TUF-HELP or contact us for more information on our legal services.