Safety Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle in Cold Weather

Just because its winter doesn’t mean you must swear off riding your motorcycle until spring rolls around. However, you should take a few steps to protect yourself when riding during the cold weather months, which can reduce your risk of accidents and injuries. Here are a few tactics to keep yourself safe and secure this season.

Obey the Speed Limit

Slick roads can be treacherous for all motorists, but they’re especially dangerous for motorcyclists. As a result, you must always obey the speed limit when riding in inclement weather. Keep in mind that ice may not be readily visible, and driving over the posted speed limit can cause your tires to lose traction with the road. In case of extremely bad weather, drive below the speed limit to ensure you maintain total control over your bike.

Wear Warm Clothing

Along with potential accidents, cold temperatures can increase your risk of experiencing frostbite. That’s why you must dress warmly when riding, especially when you consider the continuous flow of air will make the temperature outside feel even colder. If you’re concerned about getting too warm, consider wearing layers. That way you can remove some of your clothing to remain comfortable as you ride.

Check Your Bike Before You Head Out

The condition of your bike can affect your accident risk, particularly in winter. Tire pressure often decreases along with the temperature, and decreased tire pressure can impact how your bike handles. If tire pressure is low, fill up before riding to ensure you maintain optimum control over the motorcycle.

Stay Home When the Weather Is Bad

Riding your bike during a snow storm isn’t very enjoyable, and it also greatly increases your risk of injury. Accordingly, you should avoid the roads when the weather is particularly bad. Schedule your trip for a more pleasant day to ensure you get the most out of the experience (while also potentially avoiding a major injury).

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