How to Ride a Motorcycle Safely in Winter Weather

If you’re riding your motorcycle outside of New Mexico during the winter months, you’ll be faced with lots of nasty weather. Rain, snow, and sleet all combine to make for dangerous conditions for motorcyclists. That’s why winter safety is so important when riding. The following tips will keep you safe from road hazards as well as the elements.

Don’t Ride When It’s Snowing

The weather forecast is a motorcyclist’s best friend. On days when snow is expected, find another mode of transportation. If you’re out riding and it begins to snow, go home immediately. While a little snow isn’t a big deal for passenger vehicles, it can wreak havoc on the traction of your tires.

Keep Space Between Yourself and Other Vehicles

Slick roads make stopping much harder. If you’re following too close to a vehicle and they stop suddenly, or go into a skid, you may not have enough time to respond correctly. Try to keep at least two car lengths between your motorcycle and other vehicles at all times during the winter. When roads are slick, expand the distance to about four car lengths.

Wear the Right Gear

You already know how important the right jackets, boots, and pants are when riding. When it’s cold outside, you must also ensure you’re protected from the elements. Layering is recommended, in this case, as it will allow you to shed clothing if you do get overheated during a ride. Also, clothing must be breathable to ensure sweat gets wicked away. When choosing gloves, make sure they don’t negatively impact your dexterity.

Replace Your Tires

Check out the condition of your tires and seek out replacements as soon as possible if they’re worn. When tread is compromised, your tires will have a tougher time sticking to the road. This is a huge safety issue, especially when riding on icy or wet roads. Along with the condition of your tires, check the pressure every time you ride. Tire pressure decreases when temperatures are low, which also negatively affects traction.

Winter weather also increases your risk of being involved in an accident. In many instances, motorcyclists are injured by the careless actions of other drivers. Hinkle Law Offices, LLCunderstands what motorcyclists face, both within New Mexico and elsewhere in the country. Our attorneys can help you pursue compensation after an injurious motorcycle accident, which can help pay for medical bills and cover lost wages. We also understand local traffic laws, and we use this understanding to help clients just like you.

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