Motorcycle Safety Tips for Long Road Trips

Taking a long road trip is a rite of passage for motorcyclists.
While fun and freeing, long journeys on a motorcycle can also be challenging.
Proper planning is key, both to remain comfortable and ensure you’re safe
during your excursion. Here are some ways you can make your next motorcycle
adventure a safe one.

Take Plenty of Breaks

Fatigued driver is a real danger on the road, especially for motorcyclists. Never try to push through tiredness, as doing so can greatly increase your risk of experiencing an accident. Instead, schedule rest breaks every two hours or so to prevent fatigue in the first place. If you stop overnight at a hotel during your journey, make sure you get enough sleep before heading out in the morning. Being rested will make for a much safer journey.

Wear Goggles & Ear Plugs

Goggles protect your eyes from flying debris and wind, both of
which can cause irritation. Hearing protection is another important concern.
Even if you love the sound a motorcycle makes when it’s firing on all
cylinders, it’s bound to get annoying after so long. Prolonged loud noises can
also damage your hearing, so earplugs are a must.

Check the Condition of Your Bike

The last thing you want during your trip is a broken-down
motorcycle. Not only is it inconvenient, it can also be dangerous if you break
down on a busy highway or a place where it will take several hours for a tow
truck to arrive. Schedule a maintenance check and have repairs made before you
go. Also, consider implementing roadside assistance service through your
insurance company in case you need help.

Make Sure Belongings Are Secure

Losing your belongings on the road will surely derail your
trip. You can secure items to your bike using bungee cords and netting, which
will keep them firmly attached. Waterproof bags are also recommended in the
event you’re caught in a rainstorm. Keep important documents, such as insurance
papers, in waterproof bags just in case.

Stay Hydrated

Long treks through hot weather can cause dehydration to set in
quickly. Be sure you have access to fresh water during your journey by packing
at least two gallons on your bike. You can also invest in a hydration backpack,
which provides a steady supply of fresh drinking water while you ride. If you
feel overheated, pull off where you can and spend some time in a cool, shaded
place until you recuperate.

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