How to Prevent Driver Fatigue

Most people understand how dangerous distracted driving and drunk driving are. However, people take fatigued driving less seriously, even though it can have the same impact on your ability.

When you’re tired, your judgement is impaired. Your hand-eye coordination is also impacted, as is your response time. These factors combine to increase the risk of an accident, which can have deadly consequences. Here are a few things you can do to prevent fatigued driving and preserve your safety on the road.

Get Enough Sleep Each Night

Most adults require at least seven hours of sleep each night, although you may require a little more or less depending on your needs. Limit daytime naps to about 20 minutes, and only nap before 2 pm to ensure you’re tired at bedtime. Before bed, avoid rigorous exercise and other fitness activities. Only use your bedroom for sleeping, not working or surfing the web. Don’t use digital devices, such as smartphones, two hours before you plan on sleeping. These devices emit blue light, which is a similar wavelength as daylight. As a result, blue light can trigger wakefulness, which makes it hard to fall asleep.

Recognize the Signs of Sleepiness

Driver fatigue causes a range of signs that should not be ignored. You may wander from your lane into the oncoming lane, which can cause a major collision. You may also forget portions of your trip as your mind drifts into a sleep state. Tunnel vision is also common, which deprives you of your peripheral vision. You may even find yourself nodding off or feel your eyelids drooping.

Take the Proper Steps If You Feel Sleepy

If you experience any of the above effects, take immediate action. As soon as you’re able, stop your vehicle in a safe, secure space. If you’re on a long trip, look for a rest stop and take a nap to refresh. You can also stop at a restaurant for a bite to eat. Have a full meal, not just coffee. Things like coffee and chocolate bars are only good for a short burst of energy, which is almost always followed up by a crash. If you’re consistently fatigued while driver, visit your doctor. You could have an underlying medical condition contributed to your sleep feeling.

As a safe, responsible driver, you make it a point to avoid distractions, drunk driving, and driver fatigue. Unfortunately, other motorists may not be as responsible. Should you come across and irresponsible driver, you may find yourself seriously injured.

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