How to Protect Your Children During Halloween

Halloween is a beloved time for children, but it also entails quite a few risks. For instance, children face a risk of being injured by vehicles as they traverse the streets and roads in their neighborhoods when in search of candy.

Fortunately, there are lots of things parents can do to mitigate these risks and ensure a fun and safe time. Here are a few safety steps you can take this Halloween.

Avoid Darkly Colored Costumes

Trick or treating at night means low visibility, which can prevent drivers from seeing children clearly. As a result, you must make sure your child’s costume is as bright and visible as possible. Reflective tape and lights can be affixed to costumes to enhance visibility. Also, deter your child from wearing a darkly colored or black costume, as these can be very challenging to see in the dark.

Make Sure Your Child’s Vision is Unobstructed

Kids love wearing masks on Halloween, but masks can sometimes negatively impact their vision. In this case, try to avoid masks with small eye holes, as they can prevent your child from seeing clearly. And if your child must wear a mask, instruct them to take it off when walking and to put it back on when approaching a home for candy.

Instruct Your Child to Obey Traffic Signs and Signals

While drivers must be aware of young pedestrians on Halloween, kids can also do their part to protect themselves. In this case, children must obey all traffic signals and signs to avoid being involved in an accident. Similarly, kids must always cross at crosswalks to ensure they remain visible to any drivers on the road.

Accompany Younger Children When Trick or Treating

Older kids can safely go trick or treating on their own, but children younger than 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Young kids lack the responsibility and awareness to safely navigate streets on their own, which increases their risk of an accident. By accompanying your child, you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind on Halloween.

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