Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

Property owners must maintain a safe, secure premise to protect any guests or visitors. When they fail to do so, a damaging slip and fall accident may occur. If you’re injured on someone else’s property, here are a few important things you can do.

Seek Emergency Medical Care

Head injuries, broken bones, and spinal damage all require immediate medical assistance. The injured person should be kept stable until paramedics arrive. Once on the scene, medical personnel can administer immediate first aid, while also transporting the person to an emergency room for further care and testing.

Talk to Witnesses

If your injuries are less severe, take the time to speak with any witnesses on the scene. Witnesses will provide an unbiased perspective on what happened and what led to the incident. This is crucial if you file a lawsuit against the property owner for improper maintenance of the premises.

Document What Occurred

Take pictures of the scene, as well as pictures of your injury. Take down notes on what occurred while it’s still fresh in your mind. Include as many details as possible to paint a clear picture of how you were injured.

Follow Up with a Doctor

Following up with a doctor serves two vital purposes. First, it identifies any hidden injuries you might not be aware of. Second, it creates a medical record that you can use during the legal process. This record establishes the scope and severity of your injuries, which is crucial if you seek damages.

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