When is Small Claims Court the Best Option?

You may have heard of small claims court in the past. This is an option for people involved in disputes regarding smaller amounts of money, which can still negatively affect your financial outlook going forward. If you’re wondering whether you should take an issue to small claims court, this guide explains a few important factors to consider.

Small Claim Court Limits

Every state has a cash limit when it comes to small claims amounts. In New Mexico, the limit is $10,000, meaning any figure over that amount is ineligible for a small claims filing. You’re also permitted to have an attorney represent you in small claims court, which isn’t always possible in other states.

Types of Disputes Often Heard in Small Claims Court

There are many situations that are well-suited to small claims court. For example, if you loaned a person money and they failed to repay you, it makes sense to file suit. You may also file suit because of insufficient services rendered. If you paid a contractor to make minor renovations at your home, but they didn’t live up to contract stipulations, you can seek to recoup any funds remitted prior to services being rendered. Contact issues can also warrant a claim, as can landlord-tenant disputes.

How to Decide Whether Small Claims Court Is Right for You

Provided you’re within the monetary limit, the next consideration is cost. Small amounts of money might not be worth pursuing, particularly if the court costs and lawyer’s fees extend beyond the amount of money you’re trying to recoup. However, larger amounts of money can have a financial impact on you if they’re not repaid. In this case, it would make sense to take the matter to small claims court in order to recover non-payment and hold the responsible party accountable.

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