Tips for a Great Valentine’s Day Motorcycle Date

In the greater Albuquerque area, February 14th is usually warm enough to take your bike out, at least for a short afternoon ride. So, why not make it a date?

If you want to have a great motorcycle date, the Hinkle riders have a few suggestions.

For All Riders

If you’ve never taken a date on a motorcycle ride, the first thing you need to consider before you make plans is your experience and comfort on your bike.

You and your date will only enjoy the experience if you can provide a safe, smooth ride. So, if you have not logged a lot of miles or you have a new bike that you’re still getting used to, make alternate Valentine’s Day plans.

For Riders on a First Date

A lot of variables factor into the success of a first date. Some of them are out of your control, like chemistry. But, a number of factors can be planned for to ensure you make a good first impression. If you are planning a motorcycle ride for your first date, then be sure to:

  • Plan your route
    As a motorcycle rider, you know there are some views that four-wheeled, enclosed cabins just can’t afford. Those are the views you want to share with your date. So, take the time to plan a route that affords beautiful views but without being too long (ideally 30-45 minutes) or areas under construction or littered with other obstacles.
  • Bring the right gear
    Whether you are in the habit of wearing a helmet or not, make sure you have one for your date. If you are a habitual helmet-wearer, it is acceptable to insist that your date wear one also (although this might be worth mentioning before the date so expectations are clear). If you aren’t, let your date decide if they want to ride with or without it.
  • Be sensitive to your date’s experience
    It can be hard to read nonverbal signals during a motorcycle ride because, well, your back is to your date. So, before you start the ride, give your passenger some tips on how to communicate with you—i.e., how they can let you know when they prefer to slow down, are feeling scared or want to stop. You may also give your date a few options for how they can hold on to you during the ride to ensure they feel safe and secure but not worried they are being too forward or sending mixed signals.
  • Have a backup plan
    A freezing and/or cold ride is not, exactly, a romantic event. If the weather forecasts call for rain (or any other winter precipitation), reschedule your ride but have a backup plan ready so that you can still enjoy the Valentine’s Day sense of occasion.

One of the other variables about first date success you can control is what you talk about. Don’t take this date as an opportunity to expound on your love of motorcycles and riding experience. Instead, focus on your date’s experience on your motorcycle and where they’d like to explore next.

For Experienced Riders and Riding Partners

If your Valentine’s Day date is with a tried and true riding partner, then you don’t have to worry so much about making a good first impression or worry that your passenger isn’t having a good time.

Still, this is a Valentine’s Day date, so some of the same tips apply:

  • Plan your route
    Ask your partner for help planning so that you can adventure to somewhere that you’ve both never been before.
  • Switch roles
    Ask if your passenger feels gutsy enough to want to take the handlebars so you can take the backseat for once. (Obviously, only try this if you have confidence that your riding partner has the capability to safely handle your bike for a short distance.)
  • Have a backup plan
    Cold and rain will never make for a romantic motorcycle ride, so if the weather’s not cooperative, have another date idea at the ready.

Have a safe and enjoyable Valentine’s Day ride!