Winter Car Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Winter ice and snow means a greater risk of car accidents. Slick roads and decreased visibility are a problematic combination, so drivers must take extra steps to avoid collisions. These tips will help you drive safely and securely when faced with harsh winter weather. 

Decrease Your Speed

Traction naturally reduces when roads are slick with snow and ice. As a result, drivers are encouraged to reduce their speed to match the conditions. Keep in mind that the posted speed limit is intended for ideal conditions only, so it’s perfectly acceptable to driver five to ten miles slower when warranted. 

Don’t Drive Distracted

While driving distractions should always be avoided, it’s especially important to remain alert when driving in bad weather. Distraction occupies your eyes, hands, and mind, all of which should be dedicated to the act of driving. Being alert can also help you identify sudden road hazards in time, which means you can take the proper steps to avoid them. 

Avoid Fatigue

Rest breaks are crucial when driving long distances during the winter season. Plan on stopping once every two hours to avoid driving while fatigued. Driving with another person is also beneficial, since you can take turns. If you feel tired behind the wheel, pull over as soon as possible and find a safe place to take a rest. 

Take Care of Your Vehicle

The condition of your vehicle can also affect your car accident risk. Check your tire tread to make sure it’s still sufficient. If not, replace tires as soon as possible. Upgrading to winter tires is also recommended if you live in a particularly snowy area. When it comes to windshield wipers, check them for any damage and replace them if you notice cracked rubber or other defects. 

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